Once, twice, three times a weblog…

I have honestly lost track of how many times I’ve attempted a blog of my very own. Perhaps it’s due to my belief that I’ll be the only one reading it; or the fact that I can’t even do rudimentary HTML, let alone all the cool stuff I’d really like this blog to have, like CSS, or AJAX. My dubious track record with blogging be damned, hello world! Here I am.

My goals for this blog (aside from actually posting to it regularly) are pretty simple. I’d mostly like it to be a personal blog, but I’m sure I’ll try and post some stuff that will be interesting to people other than my mom. Expect a fair amount of stuff pertaining to my life, peppered with stories I’ve dugg, and editorials [bitching] about just about anything I care to editorialize [bitch] about. While I’m not expecting it to happen anytime soon, it would be cool if one of my posts made digg’s front page.
I’ve yet to decide who I’m going to share this blog with, because I’m sure there’s plenty I don’t want my immediate family reading. I guess I’ll just wait to pass the link along to those I know, and see if I’m motivated to put anything up that might be incriminating.

With that, I Here-by break a bottle of Tosti Asti Spumante over her bow and christen this blog “GroundOnDown” in name of one of my favorite Ben Harper songs. Adios!

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