WTF?! MTH-122

WOW… What the fuck was I thinking taking a math class??? I’m awful at math, I always have been. The only way I managed to get through the remedial math classes in high-school was a strategic combination of using my graphing calculator and looking for answers in the back of the book.

I just got back from my Math 122 class. This is 100 level math here people, there is only 1 class “easier” than this and I think “stupid” is in the course description. Apparently I’ve “tested out” of that class by taking Algebra 3 in high-school (while everyone else was taking AP Calc). I bet if I took the test to test out of remedial math again, I would fail with flying colors.

This was the first class, the one where we introduce ourselves, go over the syllabus, and pretend like we did something before going home early. And for 90% of the class, that’s exactly how it went. I, being in that 10% minority got hung up on the “pretend like we’re doing something” part. The teacher wrote a bunch of into type math stuff on the board, and went over some very basic algebra. I nodded along, vaguely recalling the things she was putting on the board from 8 years ago when I had my last math class. I went through most of the class confident in my assumption that it would “all come back to me” until, she had us do some problems out of the book.

I managed to get stuck on the second one. It diddn’t help much that I haven’t bought the book, or a graphing calculator yet. So the two people I’m sharing the book with are breezing through the problems, and I’m sitting there with a dumb look on my face wondering why the fuck there is an “f” in an equation that is supposed to be following the form y=mx+b.

As the teacher made her way arround asking everyone if they needed help and obviously not expecting anyone to say, “yes” I got the feeling that this is going to be a long semester. She came to me, and seemed shocked when I revealed that I could not deduce in my head that -1/.5=-2

I’m sorry, either public school has failed me, or the math sector of my brain has been completely eroded by any number of substances, most likely gummy bears.

If I drop any class, I can already tell it will be this one. I’m going to find out if there is any way I can get a degree without taking anymore math classes, but I doubt it’s possible, so I’ll probably end up keeping it. Oh well, if worse comes to worse, the answers are still in the back of the book, and I’m sure the graphing calculator can still solve for y. I’ll get through it, and who knows? Maybe it will all come back to me…

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