Diggnation Co-Host Alex Albrecht Is A Digg Lurker…

I’m a big fan of all things Digg, and as such, I find it hard to accept that the Co-Host of Diggnation happens to be little more than a Digg lurker. Alex Albrecht is just that.

Alex, who has been a member of Digg since June 29, 2005 and in over 2 years has barely dugg 500 stories. While that averages out to one digg every couple days, not much better than my own average, it seems the bulk of his dugg stories were made popular well over a year ago. In fact, his latest diggs are almost two months old…

Granted, Alex has no doubt been busy with his other ventures, but I refuse to believe our beloved Diggnation co-host only reads the stories covered on diggnation, and dugg thereby. That leads me to the only possible conclusion, he’s reading without contributing to the community by digging, he’s a lurker.

While I have little doubt that Alex uses the site, it seems silly for him not to digg the stories he likes. It seems to me that if he participated in the site more fully, like his Co-Host Kevin Rose, he might have a better understanding of the community. I’m being careful not to say that there is anything wrong with lurkers, they generate page views and ad revenue just like the rest of us (perhaps even more so). I just wonder why he even bothers to maintain an account that he seems happy to ignore otherwise.

So c’mon Alex, give us some diggs.

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