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It’s been far too long since I’ve posted an update, so I’m going to get back on that horse.
I recently managed to start my own Ice Cream vending business.  It was a long time coming, and a lot of work to get rolling, but I enjoyed the whole process of starting a business enough to want to do it again sometime.

I should be getting ready to go sell ice cream as I type this, but one a line of several mechanical problems is has kept me off the street for about a week.  I had a bearing burst in the back wheel of my trike, which tankfully Worksman Cycles covered under their limited warranty, even though it says wheels are excluded.

I hope to be back on the road in the next few days, or whenever the new wheel gets here.  My plate has been pretty full lately, what with school (I graduate in August), my day job, my girlfriend, and social life (or lack there of).

Speaking of, “social life”, my PR class had a guest speaker last night, Brian Burch of Lambert Edwards & Associates who talked all about new media in PR.  I enjoyed the presentation, and thought he made some good points about what is, “new” about using new media for PR, and what stays the same, as well as some very practical tips for operating as a PR person in the social web.  It is encouraging to see that local agencies are at least begining to take new media seriously, and have people who are passionate about it.

I found myself thinking after the presentation that if I am going to end up in PR, I’d like to focus on new media, exclusivly if possible.  I asked my prof if she thoguht there would be anyone willing to hire a full-time new media PR person; and she said, “probably not”.  That was kind of disappointing, but it also made me wonder, “why?”

I’m sure no matter who you talk to with any knowledge of social media and networking, and Public Relations/Advertising, they will tell you that this is the direction things are headed.  My prof said the new media is, “too new…”  and that struck me as BS.  I think that a lot of the tools and sites out there have yet to ripen, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t bearing fruit.  Plus, this game is about being ahead of the curve, not on top of it.

I’ve thinking about how to integrate my passion for all things Web 2.0 with my career for a while, and last night got the wheels turning again.  I’m thinking about starting a marketing firm that specializes in constructing and maintaining a social-web presence, and integrating that with a client’s current web presence, and marketing-mix.  I’m still a ways from starting anything (like I need another thing on my plate) but its fun to talk about with potential partners…

In an attempt to get back on the ball, I signed up for about a dozen web 2.0 sites last night, all of which I was lead to by FriendFeed which is a cool site that keeps track of your updates from all across the social web (over 40 sites).  It’s nice to have all the information in one place, which I have tried to do before using Google Reader, iGoogle, and Yahoo! Pipes to varying degrees of success.  I like friendfeed’s simple layout, and how easy it is to add you info/friends from other sites.  I see this getting even easier once Open ID gets wider mainstream acceptance.  You can also create “virtual friends” by adding the public profile links of anyone you want to your feed regardless of weather they have friended you, or even if they have a firendfeed profile.  This is a very cool, if slightly creepy feature; but it would make stalking Kevin Rose much easier if he diddn’t already have a FriendFeed.

The only complaint I have about FriendFeed so far is the sub-par facebook integration.  You can access the FriendFeed site from your facebook page, but you can’t put a box in your profile with the last 10 updates or anything.
As I start to use the various sites that I signed up for just to add them to my friendfeed, I’ll post my impressions.  Look forward to my thoughts on: Mixx, Mister-Wong, StumbleUpon, Ma.gnolia, Furl, Diigo,, GoodReads, Library Thing, Yelp, Vimeo, Seesmic, Plurk, and more!

Anyway, time to eat breakfast and learn html/css…

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