The bitter end…

Last night Caitlin and I played scrabble at The Bitter End… We actually finished a game for once, normally we give up or get bored once the board starts to fill up.  I had a good run… 427 points is one of my better scores… I got a 96 point bingo by hitting two double word scores.  I like that Caitlin is a much better sport about getting trounced in scrabble then my friend Ben, who has been known to resort to cheating in such situations.

I’ve been grinding out my last real week of class, finishing all the projects I put off till the last minute.  This has meant I’ve been spending an excessive ammount of time sitting in front of a computer.  Last night my hip started hurting in kind of a nagging pain that feels like a charlie horse that won’t go away… I think its from not riding my bike this week.  Hopefully I’ll rectify the situation by going for a bike ride (which I could be doing right now instead of writing this and drinking Canadian Mist and Diet Coke with a twist…)  Perhaps the whiskey will help a bit?

I get this feeling that I’m at one of those turning points in my life, but the gravity of the situation has yet to sink in.  I got a letter today from GVSU offering “exit counseling” that I’m sure I should get.  Soon enough student loans will be due and the party will be over… Hopefully I can nail down a high paying job before then… anyone know someone who knows someone??

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