Finals next week, then graduating!

Quick post, as I’m just finishing up one of my final projects in all of college!

It’s an ad campaign for HurriQuake® nails.

I’m at my friend Maria’s b-day party, so I gotta run, but here’s a tv commercial I did starring Morgan Freeman:

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5 Responses to “Finals next week, then graduating!”

  1. Moira Says:

    I couldn’t get sound to play. Is it just me?

  2. groundondown Says:

    seems to work fine for me, although it doesn’t start for a few seconds. Anyone else having problems?

  3. Moira Says:

    Got sound to work. Very clever. Inquiring minds want to know how you got Freeman’s voice on a commervial for roofing nails.

  4. Morgan Freeman Seriously Injured in Rollover Car Accident « Ground On Down Says:

    […] I’ve been developing a impression of Morgan Freeman for a while now, you can get a taste here […]

  5. Moira Says:

    OK, now I feel silly. But if it makes you feel good, you fooled me and your Uncle Paul.

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