Free wifi in a hammock. Much better life does not get…

I could lie and say I’m writing this post to chronicle the amazing adventures of my weekend, but really I just want some kind of record of my intent to build a second floor “porch” room devoted entirely to a hammock as Maria’s parent’s have in their home.

I just awoken by a warm summer breeze rocking me gently back and forth. This room is surrounded on three sides by windows, and is “perched” among some beautiful old maple trees. The hammock spans the entire room, producing the effect that you’re suspended two stories up in the trees; simply amazing!

While I wish I had a camera to capture the scene, I’ll have to settle for the neighbor’s unencrypted wireless that I was just barely able to pick up from my bed here in order to relay my impressions.

In other news, my blog has passed a bit of a milestone, and has registered over 5,000 views…

5,003 Blog Views

5,003 Blog Views

Most of these page-views came when one of of my posts made the front page of digg although I’ve seen steady increases in viewership since I started posting regularly.  My rather tasteless post about the recent Canadian bus decapitation even garnered over a hundred views!

Anyway, I think I’m beginning to develop a good habit of writing on a regular basis, so it’s time to change my blog’s tag-line… you can see the new one above

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