Bismarck is full of Nazis

I took over driving for Rory around 11:30 last night in Saulk Center, WI.   I got us within about 40 miles of Fargo, ND before starting to conk out around 3:30am; at which point Adam took over while I slept.

I woke up this morning and we were just outside of Bismarck, ND.  We freshened up at a rest stop, and headed into town to see what was up.

We determined that Bismarck is full of Nazis.  This conclusion was reached through a confluence of circumstantial evidence which in retrospect seems much less convincing.  Having all only slept in fits and starts, and being unsure of how many time zone’s we’d transversed none of us new exactly what time it was.  When we went into Perkin’s (the orange juice capital of the world according to Adam) for breakfast, and asked a local for the time he said, “twenty to nine…ten…nine…” and walked away, this confused us even more until I realiezed he was probably speaking broken German saying something like “twenty to no…ten…no?”  or something like that.

Undetered, we continued on towards billings I drove, and along the way spied Sue, the world’s largest holstine heffer.  A 38 foot tall fiberglass dairy cow perched high atop a hill in New Salem, ND.

We had to stop for gas anyway, so we decided to pay Sue a visit.  After some exciting mid-air-jumping pictures (and a handstand) we continued on.

Soon enough we reached the Theadore Roosevelt State Park near the border of North Dakota and Montana.  The Painted Canyon scenic lookout provided the perfect chance to stretch our legs on an impromptu hike.  We hiked in about a little more than a quarter mile, and did a bit of climbing as well.  Lots of great picture and video opportunities, including a back flip by yours truly.

We stopped once more for dinner in Billings, MT and had some very good, and very expensive sushi.  Billings reminded me a lot of the downtown part of Lansing, and I was amused to learn it was the largest city in Montana.  Such a huge state, with no one in it.

Now we are just getting settled in to our hotel room.  One of the few available in all of Missoula for some strange reason (back to school?).  Probably not going out tonight, we’ve got to get up early tomorrow to go pick up the pops in Spokane, WA.  It just feels so good to have a shower and a clean bed for the first time in days!

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