Call me Kerouac

[written 8/22]

I’m writing this post riding shotgun in my brother’s (formerly mine, formerly my dad’s) 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SE.  We’re doing just over 70 mph, on I-94 somewhere between Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN (More specifically we’re between Tomah and Eau Claire; thanks Rory!)

We’re en route to Spokane, WA. Where we’ll be picking up our dad, and backtracking to Northwestern Montana to visit our other brother who’s going to school there.  This trip has been in the works for a while, but its execution feels a bit haphazard; like we’re all just along for the ride.   Normally I tend to over-plan and over-prepare for trips (the cub-scout in me I guess) so this is somewhat of a departure for me.  Our plan for this trip was:

1.       Meet in Kalamazoo

2.       Drive in shifts to Spokane, pick up Dad

3.       Go to Montana to see Quinn

4.       Any photo op must feature subjects mid-air or doing handstands

5.       Drive back

We expect this to take about 9 days to accomplish, we’re all strapped for cash, so hotels will be a luxury rarely afforded.  It would be a stretch to say we’re planning to visit Glacier National Park; although it is likely we will.  Other than that we’re just sort of flying by the seats of our pants; which surprisingly, I’m enjoying.

So far, the highlights have been frequent victory calls of, “Reganomics!” to less than victorious events, a “pig blog” (tally of cops seen in each state, WI is in the lead), and a very nice dinner stop in Madison (complete with Chimay tripple on draft!)

The Crew
The Crew

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