Spokane And Beyond

Quick post, as I’m being bugged to leave the comforts of a WiFi enabled motel lobby in search of nourishment.

Yesterday began with the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had, and ended drinking beer in a hot tub in the mountains; so overall a pretty sweet day.

After breakfast, we drove from Missoula, MT to Spokane, WA (about 3 hrs), and about the most beautiful scenerey of the trip so far.  We picked up my dad at the airport, and headed downtown for some coffee near Gonzoga University.  The helpful barista pointed us to the, “General Store” to get some camping gear, and we picked up a skateboard for my brother Quinn as well.

Then it was off to Clark Fork, ID via Sand Point (which is apparently the retirement home of former NFL QB Jake Plummer).  We checked into the Meriwether Inn, and went off to see Quinn at the Elk Mountain Academy.  We arrived about an hour before his scheduled bed time, but they let him stay up a little late, as he gave us the grand tour.  He’s got a pretty amazing set up, complete with work out/game room, HDTV/Xbox 360, Skate Park, Library, Music Room, and the best view of just about any boarding school I’ve ever heard of.

We’re heading back there today, so staty tuned for more details

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