Spokane And Beyond

August 25, 2008

Quick post, as I’m being bugged to leave the comforts of a WiFi enabled motel lobby in search of nourishment.

Yesterday began with the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had, and ended drinking beer in a hot tub in the mountains; so overall a pretty sweet day.

After breakfast, we drove from Missoula, MT to Spokane, WA (about 3 hrs), and about the most beautiful scenerey of the trip so far.  We picked up my dad at the airport, and headed downtown for some coffee near Gonzoga University.  The helpful barista pointed us to the, “General Store” to get some camping gear, and we picked up a skateboard for my brother Quinn as well.

Then it was off to Clark Fork, ID via Sand Point (which is apparently the retirement home of former NFL QB Jake Plummer).  We checked into the Meriwether Inn, and went off to see Quinn at the Elk Mountain Academy.  We arrived about an hour before his scheduled bed time, but they let him stay up a little late, as he gave us the grand tour.  He’s got a pretty amazing set up, complete with work out/game room, HDTV/Xbox 360, Skate Park, Library, Music Room, and the best view of just about any boarding school I’ve ever heard of.

We’re heading back there today, so staty tuned for more details

Bismarck is full of Nazis

August 24, 2008

I took over driving for Rory around 11:30 last night in Saulk Center, WI.   I got us within about 40 miles of Fargo, ND before starting to conk out around 3:30am; at which point Adam took over while I slept.

I woke up this morning and we were just outside of Bismarck, ND.  We freshened up at a rest stop, and headed into town to see what was up.

We determined that Bismarck is full of Nazis.  This conclusion was reached through a confluence of circumstantial evidence which in retrospect seems much less convincing.  Having all only slept in fits and starts, and being unsure of how many time zone’s we’d transversed none of us new exactly what time it was.  When we went into Perkin’s (the orange juice capital of the world according to Adam) for breakfast, and asked a local for the time he said, “twenty to nine…ten…nine…” and walked away, this confused us even more until I realiezed he was probably speaking broken German saying something like “twenty to no…ten…no?”  or something like that.

Undetered, we continued on towards billings I drove, and along the way spied Sue, the world’s largest holstine heffer.  A 38 foot tall fiberglass dairy cow perched high atop a hill in New Salem, ND.

We had to stop for gas anyway, so we decided to pay Sue a visit.  After some exciting mid-air-jumping pictures (and a handstand) we continued on.

Soon enough we reached the Theadore Roosevelt State Park near the border of North Dakota and Montana.  The Painted Canyon scenic lookout provided the perfect chance to stretch our legs on an impromptu hike.  We hiked in about a little more than a quarter mile, and did a bit of climbing as well.  Lots of great picture and video opportunities, including a back flip by yours truly.

We stopped once more for dinner in Billings, MT and had some very good, and very expensive sushi.  Billings reminded me a lot of the downtown part of Lansing, and I was amused to learn it was the largest city in Montana.  Such a huge state, with no one in it.

Now we are just getting settled in to our hotel room.  One of the few available in all of Missoula for some strange reason (back to school?).  Probably not going out tonight, we’ve got to get up early tomorrow to go pick up the pops in Spokane, WA.  It just feels so good to have a shower and a clean bed for the first time in days!

Call me Kerouac

August 24, 2008

[written 8/22]

I’m writing this post riding shotgun in my brother’s (formerly mine, formerly my dad’s) 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SE.  We’re doing just over 70 mph, on I-94 somewhere between Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN (More specifically we’re between Tomah and Eau Claire; thanks Rory!)

We’re en route to Spokane, WA. Where we’ll be picking up our dad, and backtracking to Northwestern Montana to visit our other brother who’s going to school there.  This trip has been in the works for a while, but its execution feels a bit haphazard; like we’re all just along for the ride.   Normally I tend to over-plan and over-prepare for trips (the cub-scout in me I guess) so this is somewhat of a departure for me.  Our plan for this trip was:

1.       Meet in Kalamazoo

2.       Drive in shifts to Spokane, pick up Dad

3.       Go to Montana to see Quinn

4.       Any photo op must feature subjects mid-air or doing handstands

5.       Drive back

We expect this to take about 9 days to accomplish, we’re all strapped for cash, so hotels will be a luxury rarely afforded.  It would be a stretch to say we’re planning to visit Glacier National Park; although it is likely we will.  Other than that we’re just sort of flying by the seats of our pants; which surprisingly, I’m enjoying.

So far, the highlights have been frequent victory calls of, “Reganomics!” to less than victorious events, a “pig blog” (tally of cops seen in each state, WI is in the lead), and a very nice dinner stop in Madison (complete with Chimay tripple on draft!)

The Crew
The Crew

Yearbook Yourself

August 21, 2008

I’ve been playing with a cool new web-toy called Yearbook Yourself for a little while. It lets you upload a photo, and then it edits your face into yearbook photos from any even year between 1950 and 2000. I think its a great way to produce fun avatars, so expect to see some on my various social profiles.

Me in 1964

Click the pic to see the Flickr set with all 19 years of funny photos

New Series: “They asked for it”

August 19, 2008

This is the first post in a new series entitled, “They Asked For It” in which I’ll share the most satisfyingly brutal videos of people getting hurt doing something stupid.

The “ouch” web video genre is perhaps my favorite, and my YouTube searches for, “faceplant” are frequent, so I expect this to be a regular feature.

For our inaugural entry, I’ve got a clip I just saw on the local news (I know).  Here some kite surfers have decided to ignore the warnings from Ft. Lauderdale officials to seek shelter from tropical storm Kay, and one of them pays the price. I hope he’s alright, but you can’t say he wasn’t asking for it…

To Post List:

August 18, 2008


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  • Birthday


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  • Olympics
  • Issac Hayes/Bernie Mac = kaput
  • Vista TV Pack
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Morgan Freeman Seriously Injured in Rollover Car Accident

August 4, 2008

This just in via TMZ

Apparently Freeman may have fallen asleep at the wheel. His car flipped several times, and his passenger had to be cut from the vehicle.

I pray that Mr. Freeman makes a full and speedy recovery. He is a wonderful actor whose career is far from over despite being 71 years old.

I’ve been developing a impression of Morgan Freeman for a while now, you can get a taste here

Free wifi in a hammock. Much better life does not get…

August 3, 2008

I could lie and say I’m writing this post to chronicle the amazing adventures of my weekend, but really I just want some kind of record of my intent to build a second floor “porch” room devoted entirely to a hammock as Maria’s parent’s have in their home.

I just awoken by a warm summer breeze rocking me gently back and forth. This room is surrounded on three sides by windows, and is “perched” among some beautiful old maple trees. The hammock spans the entire room, producing the effect that you’re suspended two stories up in the trees; simply amazing!

While I wish I had a camera to capture the scene, I’ll have to settle for the neighbor’s unencrypted wireless that I was just barely able to pick up from my bed here in order to relay my impressions.

In other news, my blog has passed a bit of a milestone, and has registered over 5,000 views…

5,003 Blog Views

5,003 Blog Views

Most of these page-views came when one of of my posts made the front page of digg although I’ve seen steady increases in viewership since I started posting regularly.  My rather tasteless post about the recent Canadian bus decapitation even garnered over a hundred views!

Anyway, I think I’m beginning to develop a good habit of writing on a regular basis, so it’s time to change my blog’s tag-line… you can see the new one above

Finals next week, then graduating!

August 3, 2008

Quick post, as I’m just finishing up one of my final projects in all of college!

It’s an ad campaign for HurriQuake® nails.

I’m at my friend Maria’s b-day party, so I gotta run, but here’s a tv commercial I did starring Morgan Freeman:

Man decapitated in Canada bus stabbing attack…

August 1, 2008

Justin mentioned this story at class tonight…

Very disturbing and sad. I feel horrible for anyone affected.

That said… too soon?