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Notes on the Debate:

September 26, 2008

As I sit watching follow up coverage/spin/punditry, I thought I’d offer my notes, in raw format and in tag form transcribed more or less exactly from my iPhone notepad.  Video, links, and more to follow:

  • McCain re-frame: “Ask Paulson to step down” vs, “If I was president I’d fire him”
  • McCain laugh line in opening comments on economy
  • First Back and Forth
  • Use of, “Mainstreet”
  • Another McCain zinger on Bear legislation, “legal vs paternal”
  • Use of , “Fundamental Difference”
  • McCain, “The Sheriff”, “Ms. Congeniality”
  • “Tomorrow, er the next day, or sometime next week”
  • “On Paper”
  • Camera angle differences when in split screen
  • Amount of time spent on wide shot
  • “Hard to reach across the aisle from that far left”
  • New Challanges=?
  • Fix-Kill-Prison
  • Obama, “Components we can’t do”
  • Obama, “Tom err John” (Tom Colburn)
  • Obama, “I have a bracelet too”
  • Spending Freeze
  • $700b per year overseas to countries that don’t like us, some to terrorists!
  • Values
  • Major Health Care Decisions (weighing heavily)
  • Vital Part
  • Jim…John
  • Obama, “Orgy of Spending”
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Surge (40 min in)
  • Difference between a tactic and a strategy
  • Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
  • Don’t say, just do
  • Prudent
  • August a year ago
  • McCain. “Take up issues on MY subcommittee…”
  • Russia not democracy?
  • Achmadenijad?!
  • Port…port…perestroika
  • McCain’s notepad (70min in)
  • Kissinger toss
  • Meeting w/Spain
  • McCain, “I don’t even have a seal yet” (snarkey but funny)
  • Obama, “I’m against nuclear waste…”
  • McCain, “Nobody could be against alternate fuel, Nobody!”
  • Obama, “Snukes!”
  • Obama: Conspicuousness of their presence vs. our absence…
  • McCain: comparing Obama’s stubbornness to Bush
  • In this administration

Well there you have it.  If you watched the debate, some of that might ring a bell, if you didn’t, I’m sure most of it won’t.